The Whispering Soul of Doris Paine Roberts, PhD

My Hawaiian Prayer


Almighty and Everlasting Spirit of the All that Is, we are graced on this special day by your

presence here with those of us who seek wisdom and truth in these blessed Hawaiian Islands.


All together, we are searching for you, our beloved, in the faces we see, in the voices we hear and the words that reach us every day.  In this Paradise, united yet separate, help us to remain focused and part of the Whole, open to Unconditional Love and Unlimited Prosperity during this time together under the Stars in this our ever expanding Universe.


Guide us each day in enthusiastic listening as we dwell in your loving consciousness in a refreshing, new way. Allow us to truly know that we are vibrational beings with precious energy that provides us a divine opportunity to expand beyond the special tender loving care that your precious presence in our everyday lives provides us freely. 


Remind us often that our selves and souls are full of Tiny Bubbles of Special Awareness. They come from within our hearts and burst into sparkling light around each and every one of us.  Let these bubbles of knowledge be ever present.  As each one fills with light and love, help us to remember as we go about our days that there are many in the world seeking the Joy of Love & Understanding that we are able to share in so many ways.


With heartfelt thanks for the awareness that is in our daily lives, this message is dedicated to that Sparkling Divine Presence of God within each and every one of us in this our Paradise of Love.


 We pray it is so. And so it is.                                                                      

Aloha Nui Loa


Dr. D. E. Roberts

Dazzling Visitors!  Thank you!

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