by Doris Roberts, Ph.D.  

A Futuristic Novel that dares invoke within everyone a journey into the  Intuitive/Intelligent Mind of a Woman

The story begins with Dr. Juliet Chandler, a chronological 70 year old. However, we quickly discover she is physically 30 years old “forever” and is the first person to undergo a complicated rejuvenation operation bypassing aging. She will retain and maintain perpetual youth with the ability to live forever. During recuperation from her operation, Dr. Chandler has a recurring nightmare, a dream of a dream of a near-death experience that occurs on an isolated island in the South Pacific. Her dream becomes her reality when the inhabitants of a lost island rescue her from the effects of drowning. A secret, spiritual, and highly technical society, with their natural healing remedies, restores Dr. Chandler once again to full health.

This story’s primary life threatening challenge revolves around the secrecy of the island’s existence. If known and made public, it would mean imprisonment or even death to its inhabitants because of the restrictions placed on society by a world government controlling birth/gender limitations, energy consumption, new spy technology, and anti-gravity transportation.


The doctor looks very refreshed and well scrubbed -- the typical clinical surgeon's look. Also it helps to be tall, blond, blue-eyed, and very handsome. His eyes look over my state of undress and I feel my cheeks flushing. It has been a long time since a man's gaze would bring about this reaction in me. This DNA cellular stimulating package must be working!

"I see you’re not dressed yet. Good. We need you at the main lab to take some final intensive prints of your complete body to assure it is functioning on schedule. Also, I understand from your medic you had another very vivid dream last night that woke you. I was just reading about it in her report. Was it the same one disturbing your sleep on and off for the past couple of weeks?" He asks very professionally, I might add.

I reached for my water glass on my end table while he was talking and swallowed a large gulp of ice water before I answered him. Should I confirm or ignore his question? I better be truthful.

"Yes, it is."

"Before you can leave the hospital tomorrow, we are going to have to work on relieving that stress on your system."

I put down my hairbrush with a sigh. He very gallantly comes over beside me and takes my left arm at the elbow to guide me to the door. I place my right free arm on the door jam and stop as we approach the door to exit. He looks down at me with an eyebrow raised.

“At this point, I’m not too sure where you’re taking me is in my best interest,” I stubbornly respond. But with one look at his determined face, I take my arm away from the doorframe and allow him to escort me out and down the hall.

"Where are we headed?" I ask swallowing my displeasure as I join in step to his stride, my two to his one. The entry doors swishing open and closed behind us as we make our way down the hospital corridor.

"Easy question to answer, we are heading for the Dream Analyzer Center where we have this fabulous contraption that fits over your head like in some horror movie and we doctors get to analyze your brain patterns. We then trigger the dream again so we can measure your body's senses and emotional reactions."

"Now wait just a moment!" I say stopping again this time in the middle of the hallway.

"I am not so sure I want to relive that dream again, Doctor. I felt as if I were dying!"

He pulls on my arm as he starts walking again, his soothing voice assuring me it is in my best interest as he continues talking. "All the more reason for us to put it back into action. You must understand, Julie, you are never going to die unless you choose to do a couple of things that will set up an irretrievable condition into motion in your body, which will automatically cause your demise.”

He continued on not allowing me to interfere in any way. “We doctors have to deal with a part of your mind still not accepting the fact that you may physically live forever. The best way to treat this condition is to allow the emotional agenda to play itself out until there’s no more resistance and your brain allows the dream to be stored with no negative emotion attached.”

“If I had any brains I wouldn't be here!" Still totally ignoring my resisting attitude, he went on with his dialogue. He must have been practicing it all night, I thought.

“So what we get to do today, along with having us take all types of pictures of your body on our special high intensity body scanner, is assure your system is beginning to peak out around age thirty. It is important we check out your progress to make sure it’ll stay that way until the permanent implantation under your breastbone takes over. So this is why we have to use the “brain bucket” as we affectionately call it. It allows us to help your brain work through your dream until you are totally free of the effects of it...”


“No buts about it! Your implant is not completely functioning on its own right now; your body and brain can’t tolerate your 30-year-old rejuvenation package completely yet, but in about thirty days you should be able to remove the porta-pak. Your physical body will continue to function very well without it. Aw, here we are now.

“What a nice stroll we’ve had and there are my assistants ready and waiting for us. She’s all yours, gentlemen,” he adds, “See you later, Julie!” and off he rushes to heaven knows where.

I sigh as I turn to the two smiling faces, one holding a weird contraption ready to fit over my resisting head and the other pointing to a comfortable leather lounge chair that obviously goes along with the deal.

Oh, well, just think how great you’re going to feel, when it's all over. Julie Chandler, you and your bright ideas! This better be worth it!

"Dr. Chandler, you're going into your dream sequence. Let it happen. Don't resist it. We are right here you. Allow it to come on through. Relax, let go...." Slowly the voice of the technician is heard no more and whether I will it or not, the dream captures me.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Pain penetrates my being. I feel great fear and want so badly to feel safe and secure again. Without willing it, I become aware of the how cold and chilly I am, even in my bulky clothes. An abrasive sandy ground beneath me is wet and smells of a salty sea lingering around me. I cannot feel anything in my extremities. I weigh tons. I am not even able to open my eyes, not a crack! Is this really me? Where am I? I am so confused.

In the dark pit of my logical mind even now, bits and pieces come to the dream image. Sharp piercing pain fills my body as I experience the heaviness of it. I seek the blessed lightness of peace. It is nowhere to be found. An outline of my senses comes and goes. I begin to feel the wet sand garments dragging on my body. Water rises and falls, moving me in and out on the abrasive sand and yet, I physically cannot move my body! What is happening to me?

Quivers of panic flow through me while lying in the sun. I realize my exposed body is beginning to thaw. The ice, appearing to be me, still feels numb all over. My eyelids, from the inside, turn from dark gray to the color of yellow pink with gray edges. Buzzing noises batter my eardrums. How long have I been here like this? The noise steadily turns into the songs of birds, the wind rustling in trees and a steady roar of waves crashing against the earth. Where am I? For heaven’s sake, someone please help me!


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